10 Days Spiritual Tour to Charming of Egypt

10 Days Spiritual Tour to Charming of Egypt - Egypt Tours Inn
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Enjoy 10 days to charming of Egypt where you will explore attractions of Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel. Read more about this tour.

Tour Details

  • Duration: 10 Days / 9 Nights
  • Tour Location: Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel
  • Tour Availability: Available Everyday
  • Pickup & Drop Off: Cairo Airport
  • Tour Type: Private

Surreal Tour to Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel for Ten Days

A magical gate will be opened leading to the divine dimension of the ancient Egyptian celestials during the 10-day spiritual and meditation tour to Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. This will provide a clear path made of chakras leading to true enlightenment and sight across your newly opened third eye that will reveal all the history of your past life and heal all the interior and exterior wounds by uniting b The experience of a lifetime is meditation in Egypt when all preconceived notions of life vanish to expose just the reality. Make a reservation for this amazing spiritual trip to reach a peaceful and contented mental state.

Tour Highlights

Cairo Highlights

  • Giza Pyramids Complex
  • The Grand Egyptian Museum
  • Salah El-Din Citadel
  • The Hanging Church
  • Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Luxor Highlights

  • Karnak Temples
  • Luxor Temple
  • Hatshepsut Temple
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Dendera & Abydos Temples

Aswan Highlights

  • Abu Simbel Temple
  • Philae Temple
  • Aswan High Dam
  • Edfu Temple
  • Kom Ombo Temple

Tour Inclusions

  • Expert tour private guide
  • All service charges and taxes
  • Entrance fees in all the mentioned sites
  • Four nights accommodations in 5* hotel Cairo
  • Three nights accommodations in 5* hotel Luxor
  • Two nights accommodations in 5* hotel Aswan
  • Meet, greet, and assist at the airport by our employee
  • Transportation and domestic flights between Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel

Tour Exclusions

  • Tipping
  • Optional Tours
  • Entry visa Into Egypt
  • Any Extra fees not mentioned in the itinerary

Tour Itinerary

Day One: Enter Egypt and check into a five-star hotel in Cairo

When you land in Egypt, meet our representative who will be waiting for you at the Cairo International Airport. You will then be transported in a private A/C car to your hotel where you will spend the night.

Day Two: Tour of Memphis and the Giza Pyramids and Saqqara Pyramid

After eating breakfast, you will take your first steps in the eternal city of Cairo before being driven there in a private air-conditioned vehicle. You must learn all necessary rites and carry all necessary supplies from Sheikh Abdullah’s unique workshop, “Egyptian Chakra Oil,” which is run by the charismatic aromatherapist who will serve as your spiritual guide, to complete your trip and reach full enlightenment. After that, you’ll go to:

Giza Pyramids Complex

Cairo is home to the legendary Giza Pyramids Complex, where the enormous Khufu pyramid is located. This complex offers access to a secret realm brimming with spiritual energy, particularly in the king’s chamber, which symbolizes the core of the earth’s essence and has earned the name of the crown chakra. Additionally, the soul star Great Sphinx permits all genuine mediators to seek unbounded wisdom and genuine healing. The complete complex of the Giza Pyramids demonstrates the extent to which astronomy, solar systems, distances, star groupings, geometry, geography, physics, sophisticated mathematics, and construction have influenced and progressed human civilization.

After enjoying a great meal at Pyramids View, continue exploring:

Step Pyramid of Saqqara

The Saqqara step pyramid is the hub of communication and the entrance to the infinite truth, and it is located to the north of the Giza complex. Thoth is the ibis-headed deity of knowledge, speech, culture, communication, and wisdom. His residence is known as the House of Thoth.

Following the Saqqara tour, a visit to:

Memphis City

Memphis, Egypt, is the first capital in the nation’s history, providing a way for all worshippers to enter Paradise through this sacred location. Memphis is home to some of the earliest pyramids ever constructed, including the bent and red pyramids, which can reveal the future of anyone who looks at them.

Return to your hotel in Cairo after the day and spend the night there.

Day Three: Tour of Coptic Attractions and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

After breakfast, your tour guide will pick you up from your accommodation, and you will then go to:

The Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum is home to many royal mummies that belonged to holy monks and priests who attained enlightenment and left instruments in the form of gold and stone artifacts that document their journey toward achieving the bliss and power of the gods. It is also home to the magical monuments of the greatest civilization in human history.

After visiting the GEM, make your way to the Cairo restaurant for lunch. Get ready to explore one of Egypt’s well-known citadels:

Citadel of Saladin

The famed Salah El Din Citadel, located near Cairo’s highest point, was built in 1183 AD during the height of the Islamic Era to defend Egypt from outside invaders. It also houses the Mohammed Ali Mosque, popularly known as the Alabaster Mosque, which exhibits the allure of the Ottoman Empire.

Market in Khan El Khalili

The walkway that spans the Khan El Khalili market, which is loaded with pure crystallized wonders in the form of regal objects and unique things that will aid each mediator in achieving enlightenment, is the greatest spot in Cairo.

The route taken by the holy family through Egypt, where several churches, including the Hanging Church and Abu Serga Church as well as the uncommon Ben Ezra Synagogue, were established, will be followed by all travelers. You will spend the night in Cairo at your hotel, so go back there.

Fourth day: Tour of the Luxor East Bank attractions

After lunch, your tour guide will drive you from your hotel to the Cairo airport where you will catch a flight to Luxor, where you will be met and driven in a private A/C vehicle to the House of the Gods.

Temple of Karnak

Through one of its seven doorways, which has an exquisite depiction known as the masters of the Net, one may access the Karnak temple complex, also known as the solar plexus chakra. displaying the Ibis deity Thoth, the word-giver and the god of wisdom, at one end of a rope and the holy spirit at the other, stretching out to the physical world using a technique that came to be known as “The masters of the net.” The net of time and space, which depicts how the celestial chakra functions in our contemporary physical realm, is painted on the walls of the Karnak temple. The complete process of the universe’s construction and its transfer from spirit to matter may always be seen at the Karnak temple. The shrine to Sekhmet, the lioness goddess of battle, is one of the temple’s holiest and most sacred places.

After eating lunch at a restaurant in Luxor, go see:

Temple of Luxor

After that, you’ll go to the Luxor Temple to meditate in the center of healing and insight, which displays how the divine chakra merges with the human body.

After that, you’ll make the nighttime trip to your accommodation in Luxor.

Day 5: Tour of Luxor West Bank Attractions

Enjoy your breakfast this morning before being met by your tour guide who will be waiting in your hotel. After breakfast, you will travel in a private A/C vehicle to the west bank of Luxor where you will do magical yoga and meditation to reach the spiritual realm.

The Kings’ Valley

The journey of a lifetime will start in the Valley of the Kings, the residence of the celestial king, who was built-in illumination within the belly of a mountain using natural and divine energy, displayed by magnificent treasures, exquisitely decorated & painted pillars, and carved walls within symbols offering a total reflection of their life.

Temple of Hatshepsut

The Hatshepsut temple, which was endowed by Amun’s creator deity, is a perfect example of the vision of beauty and majesty.

Memnon’s Colossi

The Colossi of Memnon, a superb example of meditation, is a pair of enormous sculptures that stand at Luxor’s entrance and depict the pharaoh Amenhotep III’s dream of the Milky Way’s reflection in the Nile River.

Enjoy your lunch at a restaurant in Luxor before heading back to your hotel at the end of the day.

Day 6: Tour of the Abydos and Dendera Temples

After breakfast, your tour guide will take you to Upper Egypt’s holiest sites, where every sincere visitor can find inner peace and wisdom:

Temple at Dendera

the temple The magnificent location of change is the Dendera temple, which is devoted to Hathor, the everlasting goddess of love, and is said to correspond to the heart chakra.

Temple of Abydos

The Osirion Temple, the resting place of Osiris, the lord of the underworld, is located within the healing Abydos Temple. This amazing area is well known for being the most suitable setting for a meditation session and is surrounded by celestial holy energy.

After eating lunch, you’ll go back to your hotel in Luxor to spend the night.

Day Seven: Visit the Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples

After eating lunch, your tour guide will pick you up from your accommodation to begin your trip to the charming:

Temple of Edfu

Horus, also known as Ra Hr Akhty, resides at the Temple of Edfu, which honors the divine protection and success of ancient Egypt. The temple is very significant because it was the site of the epic conflict between good and evil between Horus and his wicked uncle Set, a conflict that would unlock the door to the understanding of previous lifetimes.

Enjoy your meal; the following is your next stop:

Temple of Kom Ombo

A marvel of Atlantis that unites the higher and lower selves of the cosmos would provide a celestial bridge leading to paradise and give each enlightenment, happiness, and awe. The crocodile deity Sobek and the sky falcon god Horus reside at the Kom Ombo temple. By releasing all stress, negativity, and fear, they may achieve happiness, relief, and enlightenment.

After eating lunch, go to your Aswan hotel.

Day 8: Visit the Abu Simbel Temples

You will leave the hotel after breakfast and go to the spiritual everlasting powerhouse of:

Abu Simbel Temples

The faces of the gods will be shown at the Abu Simbel Temples. Ramses the Great constructed the temple, which draws energy from the sun’s direct rays from the skies.

After that, you may have your meal before being driven back to your Aswan hotel.

Day 9: Tour of Aswan’s tourist attractions

After breakfast, your tour guide will pick you up in a private A/C vehicle and drive you to:

High Dam at Aswan

The manufactured marvel of Lake Nasser is being seen from the magnificent Aswan high dam.

You will then go to the divine:

Temple of Philae

Isis, the goddess of motherhood, beauty, loyalty, and love, is housed at the Philae Temple. Every genuine mediator will have the opportunity to experience this temple’s energy, which will help them learn how to meditate more effectively.

The oil factory shops that you may locate in Aswan have the appropriate ceremonies and sacrifices. You will then have lunch at a restaurant in Aswan before being driven to the airport and taking a flight to your accommodation in Cairo.

Day 10: Departure and Flight Home

After breakfast, you’ll finish your 10-day spiritual and meditation trip to Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel before heading to the Cairo Airport to catch a flight home.

10 Days Spiritual Tour to Charming of Egypt
10 Days Spiritual Tour to Charming of Egypt
from: 1000$
Egypt Tours Inn