12 Days Cairo & Upper Egypt Tour

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Enjoy 12 days Cairo & Upper Egypt tour and visit the best attractions in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, Abu Simbel, and much more.

Tour Details

  • Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights
  • Tour Location: Giza / Cairo / Alexandria / Aswan / Abu Simbel / Luxor / Dendara / Abydos / Sahara
  • Tour Availability: Available Everyday
  • Pickup & Drop Off: Cairo Airport
  • Tour Type: Private

12 Days Cairo & Upper Egypt Expedition Tour

The amazing 12 Days Cairo & Upper Egypt Tour is a journey to the birthplace of human civilization where you can see the beauty and appeal of the structures that our prehistoric predecessors built thousands of years ago. At Egypt’s most well-known tourist spots, travel through time. Admire the Giza Pyramid Complex and discover Cairo’s attractions. Following that, you will experience the magnificence of Aswan and Luxor, learn about the heavenly Abu Simbel temple, the distinctive Karnak temple, and the majestic Valley of the Kings, and ultimately take a rare journey across the desert landscapes of Egypt to learn about its untold mysteries. Book today and tear destroy Egypt’s paradise!

Tour Highlights

Cairo Highlights

  • Giza Pyramids Complex
  • The Egyptian Museum
  • Salah El-Din Citadel
  • Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Luxor Highlights

  • Karnak Temples
  • Hatshepsut Temple
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Dendera & Abydos Temples

Aswan Highlights

  • Abu Simbel Temples
  • Philae Temple
  • Aswan High Dam
  • Unfinished Obelisk

Alexandria Highlights

  • Qaitbay Citadel
  • Pompey’s Pillar
  • Catacombs
  • Alexandria Library

Tour Inclusions

  • All charges and taxes.
  • Meals are mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Meet and assist service at the airports.
  • 1st class train ticket to Luxor from Aswan.
  • Fluent Egyptologist tour guide during the tours.
  • Domestic flights {Cairo – Aswan / Luxor – Cairo}.
  • Admission fees to all the sights listed in the itinerary.
  • Accommodation 1-night camping in the desert on full board.
  • Modern air-conditioned vehicles for all of your tours and transfers.
  • Accommodation 5 nights at 5* hotel in Cairo on Bed and Breakfast basis.
  • Accommodation 2 nights at 5* hotel in Aswan on Bed and Breakfast basis.
  • Accommodation 3 nights at 5* hotel in Luxor on Bed and Breakfast basis.

Tour Exclusions

  • Tipping.
  • Personal Expenses.
  • Any Optional Tours.
  • Entry Visa to Egypt.
  • International Airfare.

Tour Itinerary

Day One: Welcome to the Pharaohs’ homeland.

At Cairo International Airport, one of our employees will be there to meet you and help you with the immigration process from the very first moment of your arrival. Upon completion, you will be met by your tour guide who will take you to a contemporary, air-conditioned hotel in Cairo so that check-in goes well. Let’s embark on a high-quality Nile cruise in the evening for an unforgettable nighttime experience along the Nile River. Enjoy oriental performances, belly dancing, folklore and musical performances, and many more traditional Egyptian celebrities while your tour guide provides a general overview of Egypt’s history before returning to your hotel in Cairo.

Visit the Giza Pyramids Complex and Museum on Day Two

After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, your tour guide will pick you up in a private air-conditioned car to begin your 12-day trip to Cairo and Upper Egypt. You’ll see the must-see sites in Giza and Cairo, such as:

Giza Pyramids Complex

The Giza Necropolis, also known as the Giza Pyramids complex, was built during the 4th dynasty and includes the Valley temple, the Sphinx, and six smaller pyramids in addition to the three major pyramids.

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid of Khufu was built by King Khufu to serve as his priceless resting place. It is the oldest and largest pyramid on the Giza Plateau. Due to its enormous height (147 M) and the 2,300,000 stone blocks used in its construction, it is regarded as one of the ancient marvels.

The Spectacular Sphinx

The Giza Plateau, which belonged to King Khafre, is protected by the Great Sphinx. The body of the sculpture is that of a lion, while the head is that of a monarch.

The Valley Temple

One of the places where deceased monarchs’ remains were mummified in ancient Egypt was this granite temple.

Have a great lunch at a high-quality restaurant, and then we’ll transport you to these places:

The Grand Egyptian Museum

More than 250,000 magnificent items, in addition to the incredible collection of King Tutankhamen and a great deal more priceless jewels, are shown at the Grand Egyptian Museum, which has a special collection of 5000 years’ worth of riches.

You will be transported to your hotel in Cairo after the day.

Day Three: Fly to Aswan and see the highlights of the city

You’ll have breakfast in the morning before being escorted to the airport for your journey to Aswan, where you’ll meet up with one of our knowledgeable Egyptologists to see the most well-known sites:

High Dam at Aswan

Since its construction began in 1960 with aid from UNESCO, the Aswan High Dam has been recognized as one of Egypt’s greatest contemporary accomplishments. It played a significant part in protecting the nation from devastating floods and producing massive quantities of water and energy.

The Unfinished Obelisk

The Unfinished Obelisk, the biggest obelisk ever constructed in Ancient Egypt, was built on Queen Hatshepsut’s orders between 1508 and 1458 B.C.

We’ll have lunch at a restaurant with a view of the Nile before going to see:

Temple of Philae

Before the High Dam was constructed, Philae Temple, which is devoted to the goddess Isis, the goddess of beauty and love, was relocated close to Agilkia Island to safeguard it from floods.

To check in and spend the night, your tour guide will transport you to a 5-star hotel in Aswan.

Day Four: Visit the Temples of Abu Simbel

Before being driven for a guided day excursion in a contemporary air-conditioned automobile to one of the nicest spots you will see throughout your 12-day Cairo and Upper Egypt tour, you will have your breakfast boxes in the early morning.

Abu Simbel Temples

One of the historical wonders of ancient Egypt, the Abu Simbel Temple was hewn out of the rock during the reign of King Ramses II around 1200 B.C. In reality, there are two temples here: the larger one is for Ramses II, whose victory at the Battle of Kadesh is commemorated by its embellishments, and the smaller one is for his loving wife, Queen Nefertari.

After lunch at a respected restaurant, we will bring you back to Aswan and take you to your accommodation.

Day 5: Tour of the East Bank of Luxor

Your expert tour guide will be waiting for you at the Luxor train station when you arrive after being transferred to board a first-class train there in the morning. He or she will drive you to see the most well-known sights on the East Bank, including:

Temple of Karnak

Witness the “Karnak Temple,” which has three major temples and is situated on 247 acres of land, one of the most spectacular temples in the world and the biggest temple ever built by man. This magnificent temple has a highly distinctive style of artwork and ornamentation that highlights the magnificence of the ancient Pharaohs over the ages.

Your lunch will be provided in a restaurant with a view of the Nile, and after that, we’ll drive you to a 5-star hotel so you can check-in and relax. You will be directed once again to investigate in the evening:

Luxor Temple by Night

Especially during the festival of Opet, Luxor Temple served as the epicenter of Ancient Egypt’s most well-known personalities and religious atmosphere. Amenhotep III and Ramses II constructed it to serve as the location for the festival’s rites.

We’ll take you back to your Luxor hotel.

Day 6: Tour of the West Bank, Luxor

After breakfast at the hotel, your guided day tour to the West Bank’s historical sites will begin.

The Kings’ Valley

More than 60 royal tombs may be found in the Valley of the Monarchs, a historic burial ground for Egyptian kings from the 18th to the 20th dynasties. The majority of these tombs were constructed for the pharaohs and their family. The two tombs that belonged to King Tutankhamun and Ramses II are more notable to many visitors.

Temple of Hatshepsut

The most strikingly designed temple is the Hatshepsut Temple, which was allegedly constructed to honor Queen Hatshepsut and highlight her significant accomplishments. Additionally, the design shows the famous dispute between Hatshepsut and her son-in-law “Tuthmosis.”

After lunch, you’ll travel to one of Egypt’s top-notch eateries, and then you’ll go see:

Memnon’s Colossi

Amenhotep III built the two seated stone statues known as the “Colossi of Memnon” between 1386 and 1850 B.C. because it was thought that they would protect the monarch.

We will transport you to your Aswan hotel where you will spend the night.

Day Seven: Visit the Temples of Dendara and Abydos

After breakfast, your knowledgeable tour guide will transport you to your first destination in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Temple at Dendera

One of the top must-visit historical sites is the Dendara temple. It stands out because it unites the magnificent accomplishments of three eras in Egypt’s history: the Pharaonic, the Roman, and the Greek. The celestial temple is made up of a frightened lake and three major temples: the Birthing Temple, the Temple of Hathor, and the Temple of Isis.

then proceed as your guide takes you to:

Temple of Abydos

Seti I began construction on the great Abydos temple, and his son Ramses II finished it. Seti I, Isis, Osiris, Amon Ra, Horus, Ptah, and Ra Hor Akhty all have shrines in the temple. The temple’s well-preserved embellishments and painted reliefs from the 18th dynasty are what most surprise visitors.

After a leisurely lunch at a high-quality restaurant, we’ll transport you back to Luxor, where you may spend the night at your hotel.

Day 8: Fly to Cairo and see the sights of Old Cairo

After breakfast, you will take a flight back to Cairo, where you will meet your knowledgeable Egyptologist to resume your 12-day tour of Cairo and Upper Egypt. In Cairo, you will explore the following highlights:

Citadel of Salah El Din

The Salah El Din Citadel, an Islamic fortification, was built in 1176 A.C. under Salah El Din’s rule to defend the nation against Crusader invasion. It has massive gates and high defensive walls.

Additionally, when in the fortress, you may awe at:

Mosque of Mohamed Ali

The Mohamed Ali Mosque was constructed between 1830 and 1848 and given the nickname “The Alabaster Mosque” because of its all-alabaster walls.

Enjoy your lunch at a fine dining establishment before traveling to:

The Hanging Church

The hanging church, which was constructed in the third century A.D. over the gatehouse of the Babylon Fortress, is one of the most well-known Coptic landmarks in Egypt dating back to ancient times.

Mosque of Amr Ibn Al Aas

The Amr Ibn Al Aas mosque, which was established in 641 AD, is regarded as the earliest mosque ever constructed in Africa. This magnificent mosque stands out because it served as the focal point of the ancient Egyptian city, Fustat.

Synagogue of Ben Ezra

A treasure trove of abandoned Hebrew and Aramaic may be found in the storehouse of the Ben Ezra Synagogue, which is located where baby Moses was discovered.

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) is a mystical gateway to Egypt’s eternal legacy, which will be revealed via the amazing artifacts and monuments that date back more than 4,000 years, exposing both Egypt’s physical and intangible culture and history.

And lastly, you will see:

Market in Khan El Khalili

The oldest market in Africa, Khan El Khalili, is where you will have an amazing shopping experience. It is said to be a perfect spot to purchase clothing, trinkets, fragrances, and the majority of the items need to remember your visit.

After a long day, we will transport you to a five-star hotel in Cairo where you may check-in and spend the night.

The ninth day: Visit Alexandria landmarks

Breakfast at the hotel in Cairo before your tour guide takes you on a private air-conditioned vehicle excursion to Alexandria to see:

Kom El Shoqafa’s catacombs

The Catacombs at Kom El Shoqafa, a Roman burial ground, exhibit a fusion of Egyptian and Roman art, culture, and architecture and house several priceless artifacts from the pharaonic funeral cult.

Pompey’s Pillar

A granite monument known as Pompey’s Pillar was built to commemorate Emperor Diocletian, who released the city from the siege.

Citadel of Qaitbay

Sultan Al-Ashraf Qaitbey built the magnificent Qaitbay castle in 1477 AD to defend the city against Ottoman Empire invasions.

You’ll have lunch at a seafood restaurant, after which you’ll go see

Alexandria Library

One of the most important scientific institutions in the world is the Encyclopedia Alexandria Library, which has copies of every book ever written in every language and often conducts exhibits featuring rare books from various disciplines.

We’ll take you back to your Cairo hotel so you may spend the night there.

Tenth day: excursion to Bahariya Oasis

Early in the morning, we will drive you to Bahariya Oasis (385 km/4 hours), where you will have lunch before being driven in a Toyota Land Cruiser to the Black Desert and the Bedouin village of El Hez Shower. Drive on to Crystal Mountain exploration, then turn off to Agabat Area, or “The Wonders Area,” for sandboarding. Finally, we will go to The Old White Desert to see the Flower Stone, Tents Valley, Mushroom, and Panorama of The Old White Desert. Enjoy some Bedouin entertainment, Bedouin tea, a barbecue supper, and an overnight desert camping trip.

Day 11: Continue your trip to the desert

Enjoy capturing some priceless images of the dawn, have breakfast, and visit a hot spring before returning to Cairo. Lunch will be given at a fine restaurant, and we’ll bring you to a 5-star hotel there so you can spend the night.

Day 12: Complete Your 12 Days Tour of Cairo and Upper Egypt

Check out on the last day of your 12-day trip to Cairo and Upper Egypt, and we’ll bring you to the airport for your final departure. Hint: To be able to meet your demands and suit your criteria, you may offer your opinions about including or eliminating any trips from your schedule.

12 Days Cairo & Upper Egypt Tour
12 Days Cairo & Upper Egypt Tour
from: 1100$
Egypt Tours Inn