3 Days Tour to Cairo, Luxor & Abu Simbel from El Gouna

3 Days Tour to Cairo, Luxor & Abu Simbel from El Gouna - Egypt Tours Inn
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3 Days tour to Cairo, Luxor & Abu Simbel from El Gouna to visit Giza pyramids, Abu Simbel temples, and Luxor highlights, then back to El Gouna. Book now!!!

Tour Details

  • Duration: 3 Days / 2 Nights
  • Tour Location: Cairo / Abu Simbel / Luxor
  • Tour Availability: Available Everyday
  • Pickup & Drop Off: Your Hotel in El Gouna
  • Tour Type: Private

Beautiful 3 Days Tour from El Gouna to Cairo, Luxor, and Abu Simbel

A three-day trip from El Gouna to Cairo, Luxor, and Abu Simbel will be a fantastical voyage through time that will see some of the most magnificent and ancient architectural marvels ever created. The top Egyptologist tour guide and a private air-conditioned vehicle are only two of the best services that Egypt Tours Inn will provide to all of its customers. With our breath-taking, 3-day tour to Cairo, Luxor & Abu Simbel from El Gouna, all of our visitors will get to experience the divine heritage of ancient Egypt found in Cairo and Luxor. We’ll visit the top Egyptian tourist destinations like the Giza Pyramids & Sphinx, Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Abu Simbel Temple, and more, before transferring you back to your hotel in El Gouna. Book this unexpected day trip through Egypt’s ancient riches to experience the most thrilling holiday among the magnificent civilization’s archaeological treasures.

Tour Highlights

Cairo Highlights

  • Giza Pyramid Complex
  • The Great Pyramid of Khufu
  • The Great Sphinx
  • The Valley Temple

Upper Egypt Highlights

  • Abu Simbel Temples
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Karnak & Hatshepsut Temples
  • Colossi of Memnon

Tour Inclusions

  • Pick up service from the hotel in EL Gouna and return.
  • Flight Tickets from {Hurghada / Cairo – Cairo/ Aswan }.
  • First Class train ticket from Aswan to Luxor.
  • Private Egyptologist guides during all your tours.
  • Entrance fees to all the mentioned sites.
  • Mineral water is on board the vehicles during the tours.
  • 3 Lunch meals during the day trips.
  • All Service charges & taxes.
  • 2 Nights accommodation at 5* hotel in Aswan based on Bed & Breakfast.

Tour Exclusions

  • Any extras not mentioned in the program.
  • Tipping

Tour Itinerary

Fly to Cairo and see the Pyramids on the first day.

We will take you from your El Gouna hotel to the Hurghada airport for your journey to Cairo, where your private tour guide will meet you and accompany you as you see some of the top Cairo tourist destinations, including:

Giza Pyramids Complex

To protect the largest collection of archaeological treasures, including the following, the Giza Pyramids complex was constructed about 2600 BC during the ancient monarchy (2686–2134 BC).

The Great Pyramid

The great pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu (2609–2584 BC) is one of the world’s highest buildings even today, reaching a height of 147 m from 2.3 million limestone pieces weighing a combined 6 million tonnes. The great pyramid’s builder, Hemiunu, was able to add the Queen’s chamber, the King’s chamber, the enormous vacuum, the grand hall, and many more to the center of the great pyramid. It is the oldest of the seven ancient worlds that he created.

The Great Sphinx

Pharaoh Khafre (2558–2532 BC) constructed the enormous heavenly guardian known as the Great Sphinx Horus of the Horizon to honor his wisdom and might. To demonstrate its effect even after 1100 years, the magnificent dream Steele of Thutmose IV, which is positioned beneath his face between his paws, was added in 1401 BC.

The Valley Temple

Built to prepare the royal family of the 4th dynasty for the procedure of purification known as mummification, the timeless Valley temple evolved into the secret to immortality.

A restaurant with a view of the Pyramids or the Nile will offer lunch. Take a taxi to the airport in Cairo to take your trip to Aswan, then check into a 5-star hotel for the night.

Food: Lunch

Hurghada to Cairo and Cairo to Aswan flights

Hotel in Aswan, overnight

Visit the Abu Simbel Temples on Day Two.

Breakfast boxes first thing in the morning, then join your tour guide for a private tour of one of the top tourist destinations in Aswan.

Abu Simbel Temples

The majestic Temples of Abu Simbel, which are the stuff of myth and legend, were carved out of the rock during the reign of King Ramses II the Great in 1200 B.C. They were able to display incredible splendor and become everlasting. It was created to host the magnificent annual sun festival on October 22 and February 22 that honored the idea of the rejuvenation of kings, showcased his victory at the battle of Kadesh, honored Amun, Ptah, and Re-Harakty, and highlighted his respect and devotion for his beautiful wife Queen Nefertari.

After returning to Aswan, you’ll have lunch before going back to your hotel for the night.

breakfast and lunch

Hotel in Aswan, overnight

Day Three: Visit the Luxor Attractions

Take the first-class train to Luxor with your tour guide after breakfast. Upon arrival, you will start by seeing the following Luxor sights:

The Kings’ Valley

During the New Kingdom (1570–1050 BC), the epic valley of the kings was discovered in the center of the sacred hill for both protection and religious reasons. The 63 tombs of the famous kings and queens of Ramses the Great, Hatshepsut, Seti I, Tutankhamun, and other dynasties are located within the royal valley gate of the kings.

Temple of Hatshepsut

To glorify Amun, the sun god, and preserve Hatshepsut’s rich history, the temple of Queen Hatshepsut (1507–1458 BC) holiest of the holies was built in 1479 BC for 15 years. One of Egypt’s best-preserved archaeological sites, the charming temple of Hatshepsut displays traditional Egyptian architecture.

Memnon’s Colossi

The Colossi of Memnon, which were created by Pharaoh Amenhotep III, are enormous works of art that were constructed around 1350 BC but were often destroyed and rebuilt, particularly during the Greco-Roman era when they were employed to create enchanted sounds at dawn.

Karnak Temple

The most prized locations for displaying the religion and creative prowess of the ancient Egyptians are the everlasting golden complex of Karnak temple. Pr-In, which honors the Theban triad of Amun, Mut, and Khonsu, was the name given to it. The complex of temples at Karnak was built across a 247-acre area beginning in the year 2000 BC and finishing in the year 30 AD. The enthralling specimens of prehistoric architecture and art include the lovely Avenue of Sphinxes, hypostyle hall, and religion.

Finally, to complete your adventure, travel from Luxor to your accommodation in El Gouna in a contemporary air-conditioned car.

breakfast and lunch

Hint: To meet your demands and fit your requirements, you may offer your opinions about including or omitting any trips from your tour schedule.

3 Days Tour to Cairo, Luxor & Abu Simbel from El Gouna
3 Days Tour to Cairo, Luxor & Abu Simbel from El Gouna
from: 550$

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