5 Days Nile Cruise from Makadi Bay

5 Days Nile Cruise from Makadi Bay - Egypt Tours Inn
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Experience along the Nile valley for 5 Days Nile Cruise from Makadi Bay to visit some of the most historical attractions in the land of pharaohs. Book Now!!

Tour Details

  • Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights
  • Tour Location: Aswan – Kom Ombo – Edfu – Luxor
  • Tour Availability: Mondays – Saturdays – Thursdays
  • Pickup & Drop Off: Your Hotel in Makadi Bay
  • Tour Type: Private

From Makadi Bay, a 5 Days Nile Cruise

A spectacular 5-day Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan, via the Theban paradise of ancient Egypt, departs from the exquisite resort of Makadi Bay. The Valley of the Kings, the eternal wonders of the Karnak and Hatshepsut temples, the mythical guards of Luxor city, the Colossi of Memnon, and the deities’ residence Philae Temple are just a few of the most captivating archaeological attractions that can be seen on a 5-day Nile cruise that departs from Makadi Bay. Book this 5-day Nile cruise with Makadi Bay excursions to see the unfolding of ancient destiny.

Tour Highlights

Luxor Highlights

  • Colossi of Memnon
  • Hatshepsut Temple
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Luxor Temple
  • Karnak Temple

Aswan Highlights

  • Edfu Temple
  • Kom Ombo Temple
  • Philae Temple
  • Aswan High Dam
  • The Unfinished Obelisk

Tour Inclusions

  • All meals are included.
  • All service charges and taxes.
  • All Transfers by private A.C Cars.
  • 1st class train tickets from Aswan to Luxor.
  • Accommodation in 5* Deluxe Cruise for 4 Nights.
  • Entrance fees to all sites are indicated on the itinerary.
  • Professional Egyptologist tour guide during your trips.

Tour Exclusions

  • Tips.
  • Optional tours.
  • Personal spendings.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: A day trip to the East Bank of Luxor

You will be picked up in the morning by a private A.C. car from your hotel in Makadi Bay to start your 5-day Nile cruise from Makadi Bay and go to Luxor city. When you arrive in Luxor, you will be greeted by your Egyptologist tour guide who will accompany you to see the following places:

Temple of Karnak

You will see the world’s largest open-air museum and the biggest temple complex on your excursions around Makadi Bay. It was constructed around 1500 BC and had three large temples, tiny enclosed temples, and several more structures that served as the centers of devotion for various deities, including the Theban triad.

After lunch, you will board a 5-star luxury Nile cruise, and in the evening, you will be picked up once again to explore:

Luxor Temple by Night

Upper Egypt’s lunar miracle The Luxor Temple was built in 1400 BCE to serve as the home of the god Amun and the focal point of the Opet festival, which stands for the revival of royalty. It is one of the presents of the 5-day Nile cruise that departs from Makadi Bay.

Lunch and supper are included in the overnight aboard.

Day 2: A day trip to the West Bank of Luxor

After breakfast on board, your private tour guide and a private A.C. vehicle will join you to complete your Makadi Bay trip and visit:

The Kings’ Valley

The Makadi Bay Nile Cruise will take you through the residence of the royal immortals dating to the New Kingdom of Egypt (1570–1070 BC) and contains up to 63 exceptionally well-preserved tombs with incredible decorations, golden artifacts, as well as the mummies of the Ramses dynasty, Tutankhamun, and other notable figures.

Temple of Hatshepsut

“El Deir El Bahari” is one of the best-preserved archaeological sites ever built, showcasing Queen Hatshepsut’s (1478–1485 BC) immense heritage and the ancient secrets of the building. It is an outstanding example of the highest caliber of classical architecture.

Memnon’s Colossi

During your five-day Nile cruise, you will have to travel between the colossi of Memnon, two towering sculptures that stand 18 meters (60 feet) tall and resemble Amenhotep III (1386–1350), the pharaoh who was killed in a significant earthquake and rebuilt 27 BC but was resembled in 199 AD.

Sail to Esna and Edfu in the afternoon. includes breakfast, lunch, and supper while staying the night in Edfu.

Day 3: Visit Edfu and the Kom Ombo Temple

Following breakfast on board, your Nile cruise departs from Makadi and includes an excursion to:

Temple of Edfu

It is believed that Horus, the son of the mother deity Isis and the ruler of the underworld Osiris, defeated his evil uncle Set in the great Edfu temple, which was built between 237 BC and 57 BC during the Ptolemaic era. Makadi Bay’s 5-day Nile cruise will lead you to the spirit of the divine that will surround you there.

Continue your trip to Kom Ombo to see:

Temple of Kom Ombo

The temple, also known as “the Hill of Gold,” was constructed during the Ptolemaic era between 205 BC and 180 BC and will be one of the highlights of your 5-day Nile cruise from Makadi Bay. It has a unique double design divided into two identical parts, the first for the crocodile deity Sobek of fertility and the second for the god Horus.

In the evening, Aswan includes dinner, lunch, and morning.

Day Four: A Day Trip to Attractions in Aswan

After breakfast in the morning, you will continue your 5-day Nile cruise from Makadi Bay by seeing some of the most well-known Aswan tourist destinations, including:

High Dam at Aswan

It was built in the modern period during the 1960s and 1970s to gain control over the Nile floods, enhance the production of hydroelectricity, and raise the storage of water for agriculture, all of which helped boost the economy and have a good impact on culture.

The Unfinished Obelisk

A marvel that Queen Hatshepsut (1508–1458 BC) commissioned is still incomplete at Aswan; it stands 42 meters tall and weighs 1200 tonnes. The obelisk, which unfortunately developed several fractures after construction, is still standing in the same location today.

Temple of Philae

Your five-day Nile cruise’s last stop is the Philae Temple, which was constructed in the Ptolemaic era between 380 and 362 BC and is considered to be the last temple ever constructed. It was constructed to serve as the place of worship for Isis, the mother of Horus, the goddess of maternity, and the wife of Osiris, the king of the underworld.

Spend the night on the Cruise. supper, lunch, and morning.

Day Five: Depart Makadi Bay to conclude your Nile cruise.

You will check out of the boat after breakfast, take a first-class train to Luxor, and then drive back to your accommodation in Makadi Bay to conclude your five-day Nile cruise from Makadi Bay. Note: To meet your demands and satisfy your requirements, you are welcome to submit your ideas and recommendations regarding changing or adding any portion of your trip program.

5 Days Nile Cruise from Makadi Bay
5 Days Nile Cruise from Makadi Bay
from: 500$

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