Public Holidays & Festivals in Egypt 2022

The greatest time to truly experience Egypt’s captivating culture is around festivals and public holidays. The primary goal of this site is to provide all the facts and information about all the Egyptian official holidays and festivals. This article was created by a team of expert tour guides, tour operators, and travel advisors who are well-versed in Egypt’s history and culture. The whole population will celebrate public holidays in Egypt in 2022, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some holidays are set while others are changeable, some are religious while others are secular. There are two Christian festivals and four Islamic holidays celebrated in Egypt. Additionally, we celebrate a variety of national and social holidays and festivals, some of which are holidays and others which are not, but all of which are regarded as a singular moment in history that reveals an extraordinary part of the rich culture of ancient and contemporary Egypt. All tourists who wanted to see a genuine marvel will find the year 2022 to be quite promising. The majority of Egyptians work six days a week, while others only work five days since many institutions, including banks, have non-working days on Saturdays, and many other administrative areas are closed on Sundays. In Egypt, government offices and ministries also take Fridays off. The following themes permeated each of Egypt’s celebrations and holidays:

Public Holidays in Egypt 2022

Date Holiday Name Type
Tuesday, 7th of Jan 2022 Christmas Holiday Coptic Holiday
Saturday, 25th of Jan 2022 Revolution of 25 January National Holiday
Monday, 2th of May 2022 Sham El Nessim – Easter Coptic Holiday
Saturday, 25th of Apr 2022 Sinai Liberation Day National Holiday
Thursday, 30th of Apr 2022 Labour Day National Holiday
Saturday, 11th of May 2022 End of Ramadan Islamic Holiday
12th,13th, 14th, and 15th of May 2022 Eid Al Fitr Islamic Holiday
Tuesday, 30th of June, 2022 Revolution of 30 June National Holiday
Thursday, 23rd of July 2022 Revolution of 23 July 1952 National Holiday
Thursday, 19th of July, 2022 Day of Arafat Islamic Holiday
20th, 21st,22nd, and 23rd   of July 2022 Eid Al Adha Islamic Holiday
Thursday, 10th of Aug 2022 Islamic New Year Islamic Holiday
Tuesday, 6th of Oct 2022 Feast of Sinai Liberation National Holiday
Tuesday, 19th of Oct 2022 Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif Islamic Holiday

Egyptian Islamic Holidays in 2022

1. August 10, 2022, the first day of Muharram

According to the Islamic calendar, it is a new Hijary or Islamic New Year. Additionally, it is regarded as a holiday by all Egyptians.

2. Rabea Awaal (12–29 October 2022).

It is a significant Islamic holiday that commemorates the birth of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) It is referred to as “Moulid al Nabawy” by Egyptians. The majority of the streets are occupied by drummers, musicians, and acrobats. The traditional sweets “Halawet El-Moulid” (a sort of halvah or candy) and sugar dolls, which are sold from roadside booths as well as hummus (a puree derived from chickpeas), the traditional appetizer of Moulid an-Nabi, are exchanged as greetings and presents by families. Additionally, it is a holiday for all Egyptians.

3. Ragab, February 27–13, 2022

The day when Prophet Muhammad is said to have risen to heaven is known as “Laylat El-Esraa & Miraj,” and is observed by all Muslims in Egypt on the 27th of Ragab. In Egypt and other Muslim nations, it is a public holiday.

4. The 29th of March 2022 is Shaban 15th Night.

Although it is a special night commemorated by the prophet Mohamed in his Hadith and marked by celebrations that include reciting passages from the holy Qur’an, Egypt does not observe it as a national holiday.

5. From April 12 to May 12, 2022, Ramadan will be observed in Egypt.

The heavenly days of Ramadan, when God’s favor beams on every Egyptian with pleasure, comfort, and ecstasy, are the holy or happier days in Egypt. Prepare yourself for a tour of a real slice of enchantment during the Ramadan season of 2022–2022, which is predicted to be extremely spectacular following a time of lockdowns and pandemic worries in 2019. Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, and engaging in sexual behavior from dawn to dusk every day for thirty days during the month of Ramadan. To break the fast, people gather with their families for large feasts known as “Iftar.” Dates are often the first food item ingested. Muslims will also get up early in the morning before sunrise to refuel their bodies with food and water before the fasting period starts. This meal is known as Suhor and is intended to guarantee that energy levels are maintained throughout the day.

Ramadan, which marks Muhammad’s first revelation of the Holy Quran, is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the holiest of all Islamic months. From the time a crescent moon is seen until the next, it is a 30-day period of solemn thought, meditation, and penitence. One of the five pillars of Islam is Ramadan, during which everyone is required to observe a fast, which is seen as an act of devotion, a way to feel more connected to God, and a way to improve one’s spiritual health and self-discipline. The whole nation is more colorful and enjoyable throughout this month. The evenings during Ramadan are very different from the rest of the year. It is a period for introspection, adoration of God, and restraint. For many Muslims, it serves as a kind of spiritual tune-up or cleaning. To fully enjoy its light and song, children are also enjoying Ramadan by purchasing Fanoos Ramadan “A Beautifully Decorated Lamp.” Of course, Egypt does not observe holidays throughout the whole month. The three-day Eid al-Fitr celebration marks the conclusion of the month.

Egypt’s Ramadan dates

The 12-month lunar calendar used in Islam is known as the calendar. Beginning with the seeing of the new moon’s “Crescent” until its rising, Ramadan is observed. It generally starts in the middle of April and lasts until the middle of May.

What to Do in Egypt During Ramadan

Every tourist may comfortably and easily explore all of Egypt’s historical and cultural sites. Everyone will be able to see how beautifully decked with Ramadan lanterns and wonderful decorations all the houses and streets are. Eating on El Moez Street is the finest Ramadan activity. For the remainder of the month and the full year, all the typical tourist services will be offered.

Egypt’s Ramadan Traditions

The month of Ramadan is when Egyptians fast and pray to become closer to Allah. The whole day is peaceful, but after the sun sets, everything comes to life. Every tourist will have the opportunity to sample all of Egypt’s delectable and distinctive cuisines.

Is It Safe To Visit Egypt During Ramadan?

One of the finest seasons to visit Egypt is Ramadan, when visitors may enjoy all of Egypt’s wonderful delights. All the services required for your visit will always be available and in operation. The Egyptian people are very kind and welcoming. Every tourist will have the opportunity to discover a brand-new aspect of Egypt during the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan: How People Celebrate It

Eid al-Fitr, a three-day festival marking the beginning of Ramadan, is when people gather with family and friends to enjoy huge feasts and sweet delights as well as to exchange presents and money.

6. Eid Al Fitr, May 12–15, 2022

In Egypt, a three- or four-day holiday known as Eid al-Fitr starts on the first day of Shawal, the first month after the holy month of Ramadan and the tenth month of the Islamic calendar (from the first to the third of Shawal). People often engage in daylong celebrations with their friends, relatives, and loved ones after the last fast-breaking (Iftar). Everyone changes into new attire the next day to participate in street celebrations with tiny fairs and open markets while gathering with friends and family to exchange presents and sweets; the majority of Egyptians make these sweets at home. Muslim festivals follow the geocentric and lunar calendars, hence they don’t have set dates.

7. Dhu-l-Hijjah – July 11th, 2022

The 12th month of the Islamic calendar is called Dhu al-Hijjah. When individuals undertake their Holly Visit to Mecca for Al Hag, it is known as. On that day, Egyptians fast, and it is a national holiday in Egypt.

8. Al Adha Eid, July 19th–23rd, 2022

The Zo Al Haga Feast of the Sacrifice, which is celebrated from October 10 to October 13, celebrates Prophet Ibrahim for his willingness to sacrifice his son in response to Allah’s (God’s) command. God sent Ibrahim a male animal to sacrifice before he offered his son. An animal is killed in remembrance of this and split into three portions: one third is given to the needy and impoverished, another third is given to family members, friends, and neighbors, and the last third is kept by the family.

Egypt’s Coptic Festivals in 2022
1. Christmas Day – January 7, 2022

According to the Coptic calendar, Jesus Christ was born on January 7, and most Egyptians, regardless of their religious affiliation, participate in the celebrations, notably in Cairo and other Coptic localities. Homes and businesses are decked up with festive lights and decorations the week before Christmas, and there are manger scenes and unique holiday bazaars on the streets. On Christmas Eve, people gather to celebrate and enjoy a traditional meal called Fata, which is rice, garlic, and beef soup.

2. The Sham El Nassim “Easter Festival” is scheduled for April 20, 2022.

Christians of the Coptic faith observe an Easter vigil till Easter morning. This is referred to as “The Great Vigil,” and the rituals will include a drama about the Resurrection and the Ascension. Heaven’s gates are first shown as being tightly closed and the chamber is kept dark to represent humanity’s enslavement to sin. Large family feasts are offered over the Easter holiday to break the lengthy fast. Common foods include fish, pork, eggs, cookies, biscuits, and “Fatteh,” a meal of rice and other components topped with a crisp flatbread. Coptic Christians frequently purchase and don brand-new attire when they visit relatives and friends.

Egyptian Public Holidays in 2022

The following holidays are observed nationwide in Egypt, and government offices and ministries are shut on certain days.

1. The Revolution of January 25, 2022

celebrates National Police Day on January 25, 2011, the day when the Egyptian revolution against “President Mubarak” officially began. It is a holiday in Egypt.

2. Revolution of July 23, 1952–July 23, 2022

On July 23, Egypt commemorates the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 against King Farouk, which was a major factor in the collapse of the Egyptian Empire.

3. April 25, 2022, is Sina Liberation Day

When Egypt reclaimed the Sinai Peninsula, it was celebrated as Sinai Liberation Day. It also commemorates the departure of the last Israeli soldier from the city of Taba in 1988.

4. May 1, 2022, is Labor Day

It’s a holiday for everyone in Egypt. The majority of businesses and schools are closed since it is a public holiday. Although it occurs on a Friday in 2022, some companies can opt to observe Thursday as a holiday as Friday is a recognized holiday.

5. Sinai Liberation Day, October 6, 2022

During the presidency of “Mohamed Anwar Sadat,” Egypt celebrates its first military triumph in the October War, which results in the freeing of Sinai from occupation.

Egyptian Social Festivals in 2022
1. Mother’s Day is on March 21st, 2022.

It is observed on March 21 as a kind of thank you to Egyptian moms, however, Egypt does not observe it as a state holiday.

2. April 20, 2022, is Spring Day

It doesn’t have a set date, but it most often falls around April during the spring. It is a public holiday during which Egyptians like visiting national parks and eating dried fish and fruits. If you visit Egypt at that time, you’ll notice that everything is different.

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