Top 15 Restaurants In Cairo

The best restaurants in Cairo are ideal for sampling some delectable cuisines. The goal of this article is to provide every traveler with a guidebook to all of the amazing restaurants located throughout Cairo’s streets. All of the information on this page was written by our skilled ETI team, which includes tour guides, tour operators, and several former clients who had a great time at these amazing low-cost, and well-reviewed restaurants. Since Cairo is Egypt’s modern capital and home to some of the most magnificent attractions in the country, there had to be some of the best restaurants in the city serving a variety of dishes and meals to suit the various tastes of the tourists who come from all over the world to enjoy their vacation in Egypt. Each restaurant is well-known for its noteworthy services, and exceptional dishes prepared with passion by Egypt’s most professional chefs.

What Are the Most Popular Cuisines and Foods in Cairo?

Egypt’s best and most delectable foods and cuisines include:

  1. Ta’meya and Ful Also known as falafel
  2. Beserah
  3. Kushari
  4. Baba Ganoush
  5. Kabab & Kofta “Grilled Meatballs”.
  6. Liver and sausages from Alexandria
  7. Hawawshi
  8. Mulukhiya
  9. Fatta
  10. Saadiyat Fish
  11. Roasted Stuffed Pigeons
  12. Shawarma
  13. Mahshi
  14. Mahalabiya
  15. Kanafeh
  16. Basbousa
  17. Umm Ali
  18. Meshaltet Feteer
  19. Zalabya
  20. Qatayef
  21. Bakes
  22. Sweet Potato
  23. Sweet goulash
  24. Rice Pudding

What are the best restaurants in Cairo?

Here is a list of the top restaurants in Cairo that you should consider when taking tours of the city:

1. Aqua Restaurant

This fascinating restaurant is located on the Nile Side and is regarded as the best possible place for those who enjoy food and always consider eating before going anywhere else. It is best known for its seafood, which is prepared professionally and is appealing to all food lovers.

2. Tamarai Restaurant

It is a fantastic place where you can sample a variety of flavors, including Western and Chinese cuisine. The majority of prominent figures and elite celebrities enjoy their meals at that famous restaurant.

3. Lai Thai Restaurant

This is classified as one of Cairo’s most highly recommended restaurants. Its furniture is well-designed and very appealing to all visitors, and the food served is irresistible, so we highly recommend that sophisticated restaurant for your meals while in Cairo.

4. Restaurant Abou El-Sid

It is located on Zamalek Street and provides the most authentic Egyptian cuisine experience. The flavors of its meals are fantastic and easily accessible, which is why it is among the most popular restaurants in Cairo.

5. Al-Azhar Chinese Restaurant

This is the best place to go if you want to try the best local food in Egypt, with a wide variety of dishes. The service is excellent, and you will enjoy every bite of your meal.

6. Bua Khao Restaurant

If you want to try some oriental Egyptian food while only spending a little money, this restaurant is a great choice. You will be treated as if you are a prince or princess, and you will be amazed by the fabulously decorated outer and inner designs.

7. Arjeela Restaurant

This restaurant is ideal for a tour of Egypt because it provides a wide range of activities and things to do while eating, such as card games. This restaurant is also well-known for its Lebanese cuisine, so don’t miss out on your dining experience there.

8. Restaurant Koshary Abou Tarek

Koshary Abou Tarek is one of Cairo’s most well-known and reasonably priced restaurants. Located on 26 El-Shaikh Marouf in Marouf across Qasr the Nile since 1950 and even featured on CNN at one point, this restaurant is known for serving one of Egypt’s most delicious and traditional Koshary dishes dating back to the 16th century.

9. Restaurant Maison Thomas

Since 1912, the Maison Thomas restaurant in Zamalek has been the most popular Pizza place in Cairo. This fantastic restaurant can provide delicious Pizza with an Egyptian culinary twist. It serves a tasty Margherita and a variety of other delectable foods.

10. Fasahet Somaya Restaurant

The authentic Fasahet Somya restaurant, located at 15 Youssef al-Guindi Street in Cairo, serves delicious Egyptian cuisine prepared in a natural kitchen. This restaurant has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere as well as a fantastic menu filled with very tasty original cuisines.

11. The Birdcage Restaurant

The Birdcage restaurant at Semiramis InterContinental Cairo is located on Corniche El Nil and serves incredible Thai dishes such as green curry, tom yum, Shrimp Konafa, and more. The restaurant serves delicious appetizers, desserts, and main courses. It is ideal for a romantic evening for two or an unforgettable meal with friends.

12. Restaurant & Cafe Naguib Mahfouz

The Naguib Mahfouz Restaurant and Cafe is located in Khan El Khalili Bazaar, the Middle East’s oldest souk. It is a fantastic place to fully immerse yourself in Egyptian culture and history while enjoying authentic and delectable Egyptian cuisine, snacks, desserts, and drinks in very comfortable surroundings.

13. Restaurant Bab Al Qasr

An incredible Lebanese restaurant located in Cairo’s Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski that serves a variety of delicious and famous Middle Eastern Cuisine as well as amazing live entertainment. The best thing about this place is the menu, which offers a variety of meaty and vegetarian dishes as well as the best art shows showcasing Egypt’s rich culture.

14. Zitouni

Zitouni is an authentic Egyptian restaurant located in the Four Seasons Hotel that serves the most delectable cuisines and desserts in an all-you-can-eat buffet while overlooking the Nile River.

15. Tabouli

This lovely restaurant in Cairo is well-known for its traditional hospitality and a wide range of Middle Eastern cuisine. It is a fantastic place to enjoy authentic Arabian tasty foods and Egyptian desserts while listening to great music and admiring the city’s beautiful sights.

There are also numerous other restaurants and cafés throughout Egypt that you should visit, enjoy, and have the best experience at, so join us now on one of our exclusive Egypt vacations.

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