Cairo Day Tour from Soma Bay by Plane

Cairo Day Tour from Soma Bay by Plane - Egypt Tours Inn
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Enjoy Cairo day tour from Soma Bay by plane and explore Giza pyramids complex, the Egyptian museum, and Khan El Khalili Bazaar. Read more

Tour Details

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Tour Location: Giza – Cairo
  • Tour Availability: Every day
  • Pickup & Drop Off: Your Hotel in Soma Bay
  • Tour Type: Private

Amazing Cairo Day Tour from Soma Bay by Plane

The charming city resort of Soma Bay offers everything, including the opportunity to see a timeless being brimming with the most alluring assortments of historic treasures. The best way to see all the spectacular huge buildings that demonstrate the numerous diverse cultures and civilizations that made a mark on Egypt over more than 4000 years is to take a private Cairo day trip from Soma Bay by aircraft. Book us right now and put your hands on history.

Tour Highlights

Cairo Highlights

  • Khan El-Khalili Bazaar
  • The Egyptian Museum
  • The Valley Temple
  • The Great Sphinx
  • The great pyramid of Giza
  • Giza Pyramids Complex

Tour Inclusions

  • Meet and Greet service by our employees.
  • Entrance fees to all sites mentioned on the itinerary.
  • Professional Egyptologist tour guide during your tour.
  • Lunch during your Pyramids tour.
  • Mineral water and soft drinks during your tour.
  • Domestic flight tickets.
  • All Transfers by private A.C Cars.
  • Entrance fees.
  • All service charges and taxes.

Tour Exclusions

  • Optional tours.
  • Personal spending.
  • Tips.

Tour Itinerary

The Itinerary of Cairo Day Tour from Soma Bay by Plane

First thing in the early morning, you will head to Hurghada airport from soma bay to catch your flight to Cairo. The moment you land, you will meet your tour guide then head straight to Cairo and begin your journey, starting with:

Giza Pyramids Complex

You can’t find anything like the Giza pyramids complexes anywhere in the world built during the old kingdom (2686 – 2181 BC) which features several monuments that achieved immortal popularity. It consists of the three great pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, the Great Sphinx, the valley temple, and three minor pyramids.

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid is the only wonder that still stands out of the seven wonders of the ancient world; built-in 2580 BC in the reign of Pharaoh Khufu to be his immortal resting place in only 20 years with 2.3 million limestone blocks and more than 100,000 workers to reach 147 m (481 ft) high which remains one of the tallest building in the world.

The Great Sphinx

In front of the second great pyramid is the oldest statue in history the sphinx which is also the name of a mythical creature with the physical structure of a lion and the head and facial expression of a man believed to be Khafre, sitting at the height of 73 m (240 ft) and 19 m (66 ft) wide made interlay from limestone.

The Valley Temple

Imagine a place where time doesn’t move, well this place does exist and it is called the valley temple created in the old kingdom (2686 – 2181 BC) to perform many mortuary rituals primarily the mummification process on the ancient pharaohs.

Lunch will be served on a Nile view and pyramids restaurant:

The Egyptian Museum

No tour is complete without a visit to the heart of Cairo Tahrir square where the only Egyptian museum is located, home to more than 120,000 artifacts made from gold and stone plus other materials. The most visited collection of artifacts in the museum is the belongings of the boy king Tutankhamen and most of the most unique chambers in the museum are the grand mummies’ rooms.

Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Walking through ancient history is a dream coming true with every step taken on the golden brick road of Khan El Khalili bazaar one of the oldest market places in the world, that came to be in 970 BC and is one of the few that remains very active. The Bazaar is covered with the most hypnotic examples of Islamic architecture and is filled with many cafes and shops that feature unique goods only to be found in Egypt.

You will head back to Cairo airport then catch the flight to Hurghada then head to your hotel in soma bay thus ending your day trip from soma bay to Cairo by plane.

Cairo Day Tour from Soma Bay by Plane
Cairo Day Tour from Soma Bay by Plane
from: 320$

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