Company Quality Standards

Egypt Tours Inn’s Standards of Excellence

As seen by our ratings and history, “Egypt Tours Inn” is the only business in Egypt that fully appreciates the importance of trust, particularly when working with travel agencies. Every time a visitor considers becoming one of the customers, they are immediately placed under the control of a comprehensive system that aims to answer all questions, satisfy all demands, and plan the ultimate holiday.

From the minute they get in touch with us until they have safely arrived home, every one of our customers receives the highest level of attention and expertise. If you’re interested in learning more about the elements of your trip, read the points below:- “Egypt Tours Inn” is the key to discovering a living marvel, and our firm Quality Standards is the operating handbook.

The Egypt Tours Inn’s Tour Guides

The quality of any trip mostly depends on the tour guide since they are the key to unlocking and disclosing all the knowledge and mysteries surrounding all the wonders of Egypt. Egypt Tours Inn’s tour guides are hailed as the finest in the industry because of our rigorous recruiting procedure, which adheres to a number of guidelines, including:

  • All of our tour guides are required to have a minimum of six years of relevant experience.
    Every one of our tour guides must have a college degree.
  • All of our tour guides are members of the Egypt Tour Guides Syndicate and the Ministry of Tourism.
    English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, and other languages are among the list of international languages in which all of our tour guides must be competent.
  • All of our tour guides have successfully completed a series of interviews in which their personality attributes were scrutinized to demonstrate that they are good communicators, dependable, amiable, and resourceful.
    Since all of our tour guides are very knowledgeable, they must pass a test on all the historical sites and the history of ancient Egypt.


The Tour Operatorss of Egypt Tours Inn

A group of highly skilled experts works diligently behind the scenes to perfect every aspect of your trip and fulfill all of your requests. Our tour guides are readily available, very competent, and have years of industry expertise. They are also available around the clock to assist you in any way they can. When a customer contacts us with a request, a private tour operator will take care of all of your needs. In order to create the ideal tour itinerary that satisfies your requirements and your availability, we carefully examine all of your inquiries, plan the scheduling of your international flights, reserve your hotels, and coordinate your domestic transportation. Every single decision made by our tour operators is made with your best interests in mind, and sometimes they may offer you better and alternative extra activities to ensure you have a fantastic experience. As a new member of our global family rather than just a consumer, our care for you is restricted. Our tour operators are there for you every step of the way, keeping you informed about the booking process until you have all the information you need before you arrive. Therefore, if you choose to book with “Egypt Tours Inn,” always have the peace of mind that you will be in good hands.

Our Transportation Quality Standard

Every one of our cars is technologically sophisticated and driven by experienced drivers since transportation is one of the most essential components of any trip tour and will take up a significant portion of your holiday time. All modes of transportation are highly effective and well-equipped to make every transition both easy and appropriate for everyone—elderly, adults, kids, and infants.

Our Cars

We constantly make sure to employ top-of-the-line, branded cars with trained drivers. Based on the number of passengers and the sort of trip requested, vehicles are selected. To provide the safest and most appealing automobiles for our valued visitors, we constantly update our fleet. You may locate the following secondhand cars in Egypt that are being moved from one city to another:


The most crucial aspect of traveling is selecting scheduled flights over charter ones in order to avoid being stunned by a last-minute cancellation, an overbooked trip, or poor treatment on board your aircraft. We always choose the scheduled flights with the most dependable time, and “Star Alliance” carriers like Egypt Air and Air Cairo can attest to this. Based on the availability of domestic flights, we also run other carriers including Nile Air and Fly Egypt.


We usually utilize trains for transfers over small distances in order to save you money and have a fantastic time. When our customers need to be transported, such as from Aswan to Luxor or the other way around, we always make sure to reserve the finest first-class trains. However, for large distances, we never advise using the train since it is neither convenient nor appropriate for our visitors.


Lodgings of Egypt Tours Inn

The lodging is just as nice and opulent as the trip, so every traveler’s itinerary will include the best-reviewed hotels and Nile cruises. Our booking department researches the finest hotel categories that our customers would want to stay in, checks their availabilities, and then initiates the booking process right away to get the best availability for our clients. In addition, we make every effort to ensure that our visitors are treated like true pharaohs in their second nation, Egypt, by following up with them after their arrival to inquire about their wellbeing and hear their opinions on the hotels we reserved for them.

Since Egyptian hotels are classified locally rather than internationally, their ratings do not correspond to those in the USA or Europe. Therefore, from a professional standpoint, we always advise staying at 5* or premium 5* Hotels. According to feedback from our visitors, several five-star hotels seem to be four-star. The 3* Hotels are not recommended at all since many visitors had negative experiences there and because your pleasure is the only thing that counts in the end.


How Does Egypt Tours Inn’s Tour Management Work?

The management of an entire tour is similar to preparing a delectable recipe that calls for the precise management of specific tools and ingredients with care and professionalism. These tools and ingredients include professional tour guides, amazing attractions, the best vehicles, the finest tour operators, and the most comfortable accommodations. The procedure starts when a visitor selects a particular tour, and we then examine everything to ensure that it will all be precisely how the visitor wants it to be before even collecting the payment. Once we get the visitor’s confirmation, we begin the booking process while keeping the guest informed of every aspect of the booking to ensure that everything is done according to the client’s specifications.

In order for our client to see all of his reservations and ensure that everything is crystal clear and on point, we build for him or her a personal account that contains all the booking methods and is constantly updated with any new booking information. One of the main reasons we are the best in the industry is our management process. Our tour operators contact the guest a few days prior to arrival to inform them of the timing of each pickup and drop-off transfer, information about the tour guides, the location of the hotels, and accommodation details as well as throughout their stay in Egypt until the moment they return home.


Procedures for Egypt Tours Inn Security

Nothing is more crucial than the well-being and safety of each and every one of our visitors. Every piece of information shared between the customer and the tour operator starting at the time of contact will be saved, protected, and only available to that particular tour operator and the client. From the moment of your arrival at the Cairo International Airport, our employee will be waiting with a sign bearing the name of our travel agency to help you complete all formalities without incident. Once you have done so, you will then find our tour guide and driver waiting to take you to your hotel so you can check-in. Every day, your Egyptologist tour guide will be at your side and ensure that you don’t run into any unpleasant situations before we deliver you to your final destination. We’ll be keeping an eye on you the whole time you’re in Egypt to make sure your trip is nothing more than a collection of priceless and happy memories.

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