Important Information for Egypt Traveler

Important Trip Information

Egypt offers some of the biggest and most amazing landmarks and attractions in the whole world, making a trip there one of the best choices you will ever make. It is now much simpler to plan a vacation in Egypt than it was in the past since we, as a travel agency, will be honored to help you plan the greatest trip you can imagine, complete with the most alluring tour pricing and the most expertly planned itinerary based on your needs.
After deciding on a tour in the land of the pharaohs, you should be aware that there are some crucial trip details you should be aware of, starting with the options we recommend for you, what to keep in mind, what to avoid, and what to do to enjoy your tour to the fullest. For this reason, we have included some of the crucial trip details from “Egypt Tours Inn” that will help you a lot before and after choosing a tour in Egypt.

1. Lodging “Hotels and the Nile River”

  • Any visitor should aim to book a vacation at a reasonable price, but some people forget that certain companies provide low-cost tours just to lower the quality of hotels and Nile River Cruises, and when the passengers arrive, they discover something quite different.
  • The “Egypt Tours Inn” booking department always keeps in mind how important it is to select the best lodging options for our visitors. We even mention the names of the specific hotels and Nile river cruises we book for our visitors before their arrival to give them enough time to check out each location’s website and let us know if we should switch accommodations.
  • We provide the client with a list of the hotels and Nile cruises that we usually work with when they book a trip with us. Once the visitor confirms the necessary tour with us, we begin looking into availability and reserve the finest possibilities for the passenger.
  • Please take notice that we do not endorse any hotels in Egypt that fall under the 4* or 3* categories since they are unbearably unpleasant and uncomfortable in any Egyptian city. The 5* and 5* High Luxury hotels and Nile Cruises, which are renowned for their excellent meals, top-notch services, amenities, and first-rate facilities, come highly recommended. Anything else will surely ruin your holiday.

2. Departure drop-offs and arrival pick-ups

One of the most crucial considerations is that the initial encounter between the travel agency and the visitor leaves a lasting impression.
We always want to make the best first impression on our visitors, so our representative is always there when they arrive. He helps the visitor in the best way to obtain the entry visa, if they are eligible to do so based on their nationality, and to complete all other formalities before escorting them to meet their tour guide and a private driver and transferring them to their hotel.
The same thing occurs when you leave, and one of our staff will help with your transportation to the airport. This is one of the transfers we provide as part of your whole journey.

3. Internal Flights Which airline should we utilize, and at what time?

When you book a trip with us, your safety is our priority, thus we always strive to get the finest domestic flights possible rather than chartered ones. Egypt Air, Air Cairo, Nile Air, and Fly Egypt are the airlines on this list that we often employ to perform our domestic flights from one Egyptian city to another. To provide our visitors a tour at a reasonable price, we often choose the most convenient flight schedule for the time of the flights.
In the meanwhile, whether the visitor dislikes getting up early or traveling at night, we take their needs and comfort into consideration. There will be an additional fee if the customer requests a specific flight schedule or Class. Before reserving them, we also let our visitors know the schedule of the domestic flights that are available so we can determine whether it will work for them or not.

4. What should you bring with you?

Simply said, you should only carry the essential personal belongings with you. This is another common issue that many travelers ask about.

You should also bring extra comfortable shoes with you, as high heels for women are not at all advised since you will spend the entire day touring around the ancient Egyptian landmarks and sightseeing. Among the items you shouldn’t forget are your medicine with prescriptions from your doctor with the exact names of your medicine, your suitable clothes that will be determined based on the time you are going to visit Egypt in “Summer, Spring, Autumn, or Winter?”, and your appropriate clothing.

Men should also refrain from bringing formal shoes and instead pack tennis shoes, which are considerably more comfortable for walking. Don’t forget to bring your phone, charger, camera, and other necessary equipment.
Instead of this, you will discover everything in Egypt at highly alluring costs, which will allow you to avoid excess baggage at the airport when you arrive. Find out more about what to bring to Egypt here.

5. Used Vehicles

What kind of vehicles do we often employ to do our tours? This is another question we get from visitors. To be clear in response to your inquiry, all of our cars in Egypt are air-conditioned and we always utilize the finest ones available today.

Depending on the number of passengers and the location we will be taking the tourist to, different vehicles are used. To ensure that our customers are completely satisfied, we employ new vehicles in 2018 and 2019 and we constantly improve the quality of our vehicles. We examine potential drivers before selecting the best ones; they must also have a valid driver’s license.

Any criticism of one of our drivers will be taken into account, and we will launch an immediate inquiry. You must ensure that you are a valued buddy who we will always care about, not merely a frequent client of our business.
Will There Be Any Additional Charges?

After confirming a trip and receiving a deposit, no further fees will be assessed beyond the agreed-upon tour cost. In addition to the total cost, you are responsible for your costs, such as any extra excursions you want to do during your trip, tips, souvenirs, etc.

Since the original and final agreements, these items are not on your trip schedule. You are completely free to allocate your time and resources any way you wish.

7. Gratuity / Tipping

Since it is entirely up to the discretion of our visitors, tips are not included in the cost of our tours. As long as they are getting good services from others, including drivers, waiters, porters, guides, etc., it is customary for foreigners to tip in Egypt.
Therefore, if you discover that you are obtaining excellent services while you are in Egypt, feel free to tip anybody you like at any time. No set amount must be paid; instead, it is entirely up to you and what you choose to contribute.

8. Should I Take the Sleeper Train?

As a travel agent, we never advise someone to take a sleeper train unless they have already done so and requested one again. A domestic aircraft that takes an hour and a half at most should be used instead of the sleeper train since it is much easier to go that way.

The accommodations on sleeper trains are quite small and unpleasant. Your worst dread will come true if there are kids around, thus you would much prefer to choose the much superior choice of taking a direct flight from one place to another. As a travel agent, we don’t advise anybody to take a sleeper train unless they’ve already done so and specifically requested one.

The bathrooms are communal, and the sleeper train compartments are exceedingly small and unpleasant. Additionally, the trains’ incorrect timing might cause them to go the needed distance twice the time. The sleeper train is a particularly challenging mode of transportation, and we strongly advise switching to domestic flights, which often last no more than an hour.

9. Group Tours

We constantly provide private tours for group tours, families, couples, and solitary visitors. If you get the chance, it’s wonderful to visit Egypt as part of a group tour because you’ll benefit from many things, including having the best, unbeatable tour price, spending time with your family and friends while on your trip, getting some priceless photos, and a host of other things that will encourage you to recruit others to go with you.
The only component of our trips that allows you to travel with other people is the Nile cruise experience, so it all rests on you, and we must plan the most amazing trip possible for you.

10. Travel agents

Any visitor leaving Egypt with a huge grin owes a lot to their tour leaders. We put our tour guides through tests to see whether they are 100% competent to win the complete pleasure of our customers since not all tour guides have the capacity to impart knowledge and explain the history of each historical location to tourists from all over the globe.

Before selecting the greatest tour guides in Egypt, we first put them through a historical background exam, applied pressure, and assessed how they would react in a crisis.

Not only that, but we also continuously update our system by requesting feedback from each visitor once the tour is complete. This allows us to identify our areas for improvement and maintain the greatest level of customer satisfaction by identifying our weaknesses before focusing on our strengths.

11. Travel Visa for Egypt

Our post on the travel visa for Egypt makes it very apparent for all travelers from all over the globe who may receive a visa immediately upon arrival and who must prepare one in advance by categorizing it according to nationalities.

You may look up information about your country and nationality.
If you are eligible to get your visa upon arrival, our agent will help you to complete the process quickly and easily. When you confirm your trip with us, we’ll provide you with all the official paperwork you need to quickly secure your visa if you should need to do so in advance.

12. Admission Fees

Entrance fees to all Egyptian monuments, including the temples, historical sites, and religious sites, are often included in the price of our tours. Some locations don’t have their tickets included in the tour cost since not all tourists like them, therefore we let them decide whether to book in advance or not. The entrance tickets to the three Giza pyramids, King Khufu’s Solar Boat, and parts of the Valley of the Kings’ tombs are among such locations.

13. Alternative Tours

You may wish to try something you see or hear about while in each Egyptian city. Camel rides in Giza, hot air balloon flights in Luxor, Felucca rides in Aswan, and other popular optional trips are just a few that you may like to attempt. You may easily schedule any of these extra excursions on-site and pay for them directly with the help of your tour guide, eliminating the need to make reservations for any of them in advance.

14. Egyptian Food

Egypt has a vast selection of the greatest oriental and international cuisine, and the following is a list of the top meals to try when visiting Egypt: You should try the following foods: Molokhia, Konafa, Shesh Tawook, Kofta, Koshary, Hawawshy, grilled chicken, and many more delicacies that you will learn about as soon as you arrive. The key foods consumed in Egypt are listed below.

15. Climate

Egypt has one of the nicest climates in the world with its year-round warmth. Egypt has four distinct climatic zones; the first zone occurs in the fall, from September to November, when the daytime high temperature is 25:35 Celsius (CS). Winter, which lasts from the middle of December until the middle of February, is quite chilly. The spring season, which lasts from March through April and becomes a little warm, is the finest time to visit Egypt.

16. Special Occasions to Attend in Egypt

You will undoubtedly be fortunate if you get the opportunity to attend any of Egypt’s many festivals and national holidays. The following are some of the most noteworthy Egyptian holidays that you shouldn’t miss:
Sun Festival in Abu Simbel

The ceremony only takes place between October & February each year and honors the legacy of Ramses II, who built the enormous temple of Abu Simbel. All of the god sculptures within, except Ptah, the darkness deity statue, are illuminated.

Easter Holiday

Easter is the perfect time to visit Egypt since the weather is wonderful and pleasant and enables you to tour Egypt’s top attractions without feeling overheated or exhausted. One of the best times to visit Egypt is during this season.

Christmas Holiday

Christmas is Egypt’s busiest travel season, making it the ideal time to visit and see the incredible splendor of the country’s landmarks during this lovely season.

Eid El-Fitr, Ramadan, and Eid El-Adha

These three religious festivals must be experienced while in Egypt. Some people think that Ramadan is not a good time to travel to Egypt, but we want to clarify that it is a fantastic time to do so. Neither the tourist attractions nor the restaurants are affected by Ramadan, and Egypt welcomes visitors from all over the world to take in the splendor of the Egyptian celebrations, especially since Ramadan is followed by Eid El-Fear and its magnificent Egyptian spirit, and then there is Eid El-Adha a few months later.

Therefore, never miss the opportunity to experience any of these festivals or festivities while you have it.
17. Shopping No trip to Egypt is complete without a tour of the top shopping areas, including El-Meiz Street, Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, the large souk in the Nubian Village, and several other magnificent streets with the most renowned Egyptian retailers.

If you love antiquities, you will undoubtedly like the stores you will visit as they contain the most remarkable Egyptian artifacts that seem precisely like genuine ones. You will be able to purchase jewelry, outfits at really low costs, and mementos for your friends.

Ladies who value flavor in their meals will fall in love with the Middle Eastern spice stores, which feature the greatest and most expensive varieties of spices. Don’t forget to have a look around the perfume stores, which feature the greatest scents, both foreign and oriental, and will undoubtedly catch your attention.

18. Money

The Egyptian pound, often known as “El-Genie” among Egyptians, is the primary kind of money used in Egypt. For foreigners, it might be confusing to know which currency to carry, where to exchange money, and whether to tip in USD or EGP, for instance. Simply said, USD is fully accepted in Egypt’s tourist attractions and retail establishments.
Additionally, your tour guide may help you exchange part of your money when you arrive at the airport.
There are plenty of ATMs in Egypt that you may use to withdraw money and make payments in cash if you don’t enjoy lugging around a lot of cash when you travel. Debit, Master, and Credit Card transactions are also accepted at certain stores.

19. Manners

You should respect Egyptian traditions and customs when you are there. While visiting Egypt, women should take care of their attire because it is an Islamic nation with strict regulations on what may and cannot be worn in public.
Men should also respect the local culture and refrain from drinking alcohol in unsuitable settings since this might lead to problems. Instead, you will be astounded by the incredible Egyptian civilization and its customs.
Enjoy all Egypt has to offer with the help of our Egypt Tours, which will provide you with the greatest service at the most affordable rates while illuminating the fascinating history and culture of Egypt. By making magnificent experiences worth remembering, you may make each moment of your life genuinely one-of-a-kind.

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