Makadi Bay Excursion to Explore Egypt Highlights in 3 Days

Makadi Bay Excursion to Explore Egypt Highlights in 3 Days - Egypt Tours Inn
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Book our Makadi bay excursion to explore Egypt highlights in 3 days and enjoy a guided tour to Cairo, Luxor, and Abu Simbel temp[le. Book Now!!

Tour Info:

  • Duration: 3 Days/ 2 Nights
  • Tour Location: Cairo / Abu Simbel / Luxor
  • Tour Availability: Available Everyday
  • Pickup & Drop Off: Your Hotel
  • Tour Type: Private

From Makadi Bay, see the best of Egypt.

A 3 day Egypt highlights tour from Makadi Bay allows you to experience the wonderful sites of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, allowing you to create the most delightful memories. With each step you take in Egypt, the history of this immortal civilization will reveal all of its secrets, and you will have access to all means of serenity and tranquility.

Tour Highlights

Cairo Highlights

  • Giza Pyramid Complex
  • The Great Pyramid of Khufu
  • The Great Sphinx
  • The Valley Temple

Upper Egypt Highlights

  • Abu Simbel Temples
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Hatshepsut Temple
  • Karnak Temples

Tour Inclusions

  • One-night accommodation at a 5* hotel in Luxor.
  • One-night accommodation at 5* hotel in Aswan.
  • Internal flight tickets.
  • 1st class train Ticket from Aswan to Luxor.
  • Service of a professional tour guide.
  • Entrance fees to the mentioned sights above.
  • Bottled water during your trip.
  • Pick up services from your hotel & return.
  • Three Lunch meals.
  • Boat ride.
  • All transfers by air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Service charges & taxes.
  • Domestic Flight Tickets from Hurghada to Cairo and from Cairo to Aswan

Tour Exclusions

  • Any extras not mentioned in the program.
  • Tipping.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: From Makadi Bay, travel to Cairo, the birthplace of the pyramids.

You will be transferred from your Makadi Bay hotel to Hurghada Airport in the early morning for a flight to Cairo, where you will meet your private tour guide to begin your spectacular 3-day tour from Makadi Bay through:

Giza Pyramids Complex

Makadi day trips take you through the heart of a 2400 BC wonderland that includes the three enormous Giza Pyramids, the magnificent Sphinx, and six smaller pyramids.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

During this 3-day Makadi Bay tour, you will visit King Khufu’s tomb, the last intact marvel of the ancient world, which stands at a height of 147 meters (481 feet) and is made up of 2,300,000 blocks of limestone with a complicated interior. It was built in 2580 BC.

The Great Sphinx of Giza

A majestic everlasting wonder rests near the pyramids, 73 m (240 ft) high and 19 m (66 ft) broad, showcasing the power and grandeur of ancient Egyptian culture in the shape of the sphinx, a mythical monster with the body of a lion and the head of a man, possibly King Khafra.

You’ll continue to do the following:

The Valley Temple

The valley temple, an old center for mummification and immortality, will be the penultimate stop on your Makadi Bay 3-day tour. Between the granite walls, one of the best-preserved archaeological structures ever built in Egypt’s Old Kingdom (2686-2181 BC), illustrates the ancient Egyptian funeral ceremony.

Lunch will be served in a restaurant with a view of the Pyramids and the Nile. At the end of day one, you’ll go to Cairo airport to catch your flight to Aswan, where you’ll spend the night in a 5* hotel.

Day 2: Visit the Abu Simbel Temple

Get your breakfast boxes early in the morning and join your private tour guide for a private excursion to Abu Simbel Temple.

Temples of Abu Simbel

The enormous Abu Simbel temples were built in 1200 BC by King Ramses II to immortalize his victorious heritage and personality, as well as to display his love for his wife Queen Nefertari. It was constructed between 1264 and 1244 BC to commemorate the ancient Egyptian gods through the renowned Abu Simbel Sun Festival, which takes place on the 22nd of February and the 22nd of October every year.

After returning to Aswan, eat lunch before boarding the first-class train to Luxor, where you will check into a 5* hotel and spend the night.

Day 3: Visit Luxor’s Attractions

Breakfast will be served in the morning, after which you will check out of the hotel and meet with your tour guide to complete your Makadi Bay excursion to discover Egypt’s highlights in three days by visiting the top Luxor tourist attractions, such as:

The Kings’ Valley

You’ll explore an Egyptian New Kingdom necropolis (1570-1070 BC) with 63 stunning tombs rich with golden treasures, antiques, and captivating décor, as well as the mummies of great pharaohs like Rameses the Great, Amenhotep I, Hatshepsut, and Tutankhamun.

Temple of Hatshepsut

The magnificent Deir El-Bahari, also known as Djoser-Djeseru (Holy of Holies), is Egypt’s best-preserved and captivating temple, built in the new kingdom to commemorate Queen Hatshepsut’s (1473-1458 BC) lengthy reign and to worship the creator deity Amun.

Memnon’s Colossi

During this three-day Makadi Bay tour, you’ll see the two huge quartzite sandstone sculptures guarding Luxor, each measuring 18 meters (60 feet) tall and representing Pharaoh Amenhotep III (1386-1350). They were carried 700 miles from Cairo and destroyed by a huge earthquake in 27 BC, only to be resurrected in 199 AD.

Lunch will be served on an island and will involve a Nile boat ride, after which you will travel to:

Karnak Temple

On the last day of your Makadi Bay tour, you’ll visit one of the world’s largest religious man-made structures and open-air museums, which was built more than 3000 years ago and contains various temples & several enclosed and outer temples that serve as the worship center for various deities, including the Theban triad of father Amun, mother Mut, and son Khnsou.

You will be driven back to your accommodation in an air-conditioned vehicle, bringing your 3-day Makadi Bay vacation to a close. Note: As soon as you contact us, you can make any changes or revisions to your tour.

Makadi Bay Excursion to Explore Egypt Highlights in 3 Days
Makadi Bay Excursion to Explore Egypt Highlights in 3 Days
from: 550$

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