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Our Egypt tour packages from USA are the chance of a lifetime to become the next Indiana Jones through discovering all the hidden secrets of the breathtaking destinations of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. Don’t worry about your time or money as all our tours to Egypt from USA are customized by travel and financial management consultants who have 30 years of experience in creating the best trips to Egypt from USA by booking the best hotels, cars, drivers, Egyptologist tour guides, and even restaurants across the amazing cities of Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, and Hurghada which are carefully chosen to make sure you have the best vacation in the most efficient and affordable manner.

Best-Selected 10 Tours to Egypt from USA:

  • 5 Days Cairo, Luxor, and Abu Simbel Tour
  • 6 Days Trip to Cairo, Luxor, Aswan & Abu Simbel
  • 7 Days Cairo and Upper Egypt Tour Package
  • 8 Days Vacation to Cairo and Nile Cruise
  • 9 Days Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan Tour
  • 10 Days Cairo, Nile Cruise, and Abu Simbel Vacation
  • 11 Days Pyramids & Nile Cruise Holiday Package
  • 12 Days Tour to Cairo, Nile Cruise, and Hurghada
  • 13 Days Cairo, Alexandria, and Nile Cruise Tour
  • 14 Days Cairo, Alexandria, Nile Cruise & Hurghada
  • 15 Days Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan & Hurghada

Open your mind & soul and cast your eyes on heavenly beauty and greatness with our Egypt tours from USA such as the pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Coptic and Islamic landmarks, Mosques and Citadels in Old Cairo. With our vacations to Egypt from USA, you will get on board a Nile River Cruise between Luxor & Aswan and witness the beautiful monuments such as Karnak temples complex & Hatshepsut temple, Abu Simbel temple, Philae temple, Valley of the Kings, and various more historical living miracles. So book your favorite Egypt tours from USA and live the vacation you always dreamed about, and create some precious magical memories.

Note: We offer Egypt tour packages from USA with international airfare depending on your choice, so if you want to book Egypt tours with flights, please specify while sending your request.


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