Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show Tour

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Discover all the amazing history of ancient Egyptian civilization with our day tour to the great Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show

Tour Details

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Tour Location: Luxor – Karnak Temple
  • Tour Availability: Available Everyday
  • Pickup & Drop Off: Your Residence Location In Luxor
  • Tour Type: Private Excursion

Tour of the Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show

Nothing surpasses discovering all of the incredible histories of ancient Egyptian civilization that lie under the ruins of the magnificent city of Luxor. With our day excursion to the magnificent Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show, where the skies sometimes smile. Karnak Temple was built 4000 years ago during the reign of Seti I on 247 acres of land, containing three main temples and several enclosed and outer temples, and it was enlarged extensively by other pharaohs throughout the following dynasties, which is why for more than 1500 years it has been one of the largest religious man-made constructions on earth and the worship center of the Theban triad, which consisted of God Amun, his wife the Goddess of Justice Mut, and his The Karnak temple music and light show tour is the best way to experience the heavenly enchantment of this enthralling location.

Tour Inclusions

  • Pick up services from your residence location in Luxor.
  • Private Egyptologist tour guide throughout the day tour.
  • Mineral water and soft drinks during the day tour.
  • All services charges and taxes.

Tour Exclusions

  • Any extras not mentioned in the program.
  • Tipping.

Tour Itinerary

Itinerary for the Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show Tour

You will have the option of watching the miraculous sound and light show and watching all the colossal statues of the great pharaohs come to life by the heavenly lights, as well as hearing the poetic narration of the mysterious of the past and the treasures of the entire Karnak temple through the haunting music that mysteriously flows through the ancient city, which tells the stories of how Karnak came to be and the heroic adventures of the pharaohs and Amun. It’s one of the most amazing and transcendental experiences you may have when visiting the magnificent city of Luxor. You will then return to your hotel, bringing your Sound and Light Show tour at Karnak Temple to a close. Note: You are welcome to give your opinions on adding or eliminating any trips from your tour schedule in order to suit and meet your demands.

Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show Tour
Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show Tour
from: 40$

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